11 January 2010

Loopholes and Technicalities

I've been waiting since August of 2009 to find out where I am going to be able to do my student teaching at this Spring. I sent in my request to do it in the Lake Washington School District (where I worked for 3 years), and in the Tahoma School District (where I grew up, and am currently working). I received a call before the CHristmas break where my University of Phoenix advisor told me that the LWSD rejected my request to do my internship there. The reason I was given whas that I am technically considered an out-of-state student since I am attending the UoPhoenix; this district is already having trouble placing it's in-state student teachers. It's upsetting, because I already created a placement for myself before going throught he university and the district.

Now, this is a large district in Western Washington with two 3A and two 4A high school. I think that my name simply came through the system as a number, and I was passed over like anyone else. I do not mean this in an arrogant way; I worked hard when I was there, worked with very difficult students; the teachers, admin, and district knows who I am. However que sera sera. As much as I did like working in that district, when it's as big as it is, it can make you feel like a cog in a machine. In this instance, that's how I felt.

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