24 May 2010

Itching to be Done!!!

I am down to my last the weeks of my student Teaching Internship.  This means that I'm 75% done with it.  I have submitted an application to ten surrounding school districts, and am just itching to get the process moving towards next year. At this point, i have applied to the following school districts: Bellevue, Federal Way, Highline, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Northshore, Renton, Snoqualmie Valley, Tahoma, and Tukwila.  I'm excited to move to a new city and find a new rental home.  I'm excited to organize and arrange my own classroom, I'm excited to start doing what I've been in school for.  I'm ready.  Ready to connect to students, ready to spurr learning, ready to manage behaviors.  I'm like the annoying football player in the coaches ear saying "Put me in coach!  I'm ready!"  Well, I am.

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