01 June 2009

Extra Visual Impairment Resources

Resource Guide for Teachers

Vision and Visual Impairments

This serves as a guide for teachers dealing with various programs and services for the visually impaired. In this guide contains information about employment, school, course information and much more.

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.(2009). A Center for Educational Services for All Blind and Visually Impaired Students in Texas. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://www.tsbvi.edu/index.htm


Perkins School for the Blind

This is a resource book that is used for professional for dealing with children with visual impairment. The professionals that use this guide are teachers, caregiver, parents etc. This guide is intended to help those who do not have experience in the field to assist in the area of these multiple disabilities.

Perkins School of the Blind.(2009). A handbook for parents and teachers. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://clas.uiuc.edu/fulltext/cl02071/cl02071.html


V. I. Guide

This is site that is dedicated to help parents and teachers better understand providing topics about children with visual impairments. This guide helps that collaboration between parents and staff containing the many questions and concerns that come up dealing with student with disabilities.

V.I.guide a guide to internet resources for parents and teachers.). V.I. Guide. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://www.viguide.com/


American Foundation for the Blind

This guide is directed for an itinerant teacher in the field working with multiple disabilities specializing in visual impairments. The role of the itinerant teacher is to travel from school to school providing material and resources for the schools.

American Foundation for the Blind. (2009). Itinerant Teachers. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=44&TopicID=256


Wisconsin center for the blind and visually impaired

This serves as a resource guide for caregivers, teachers, parents, working with student with visual impairments. Assistance for student to learn through activities or new creative measures is available. Also safety information is available as well.

Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (2009) Assistive Technology. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://www.wcbvi.k12.wi.us/assets/documents/2008/Outreach/OutreachResource%20forParents20070823.pdf


Listing of assistive/augmentative communication devices


Vision impairment can include vision difficulties that include color blindness, low vision, and other difficulties. Difficulties and impairments include low vision, color blindness, and blindness. This guide serves as a way to help individual with modification for their vision impairment. Many of these products are offered through Microsoft to include. Screen enlargers, screen readers, Speech recognition systems, Speech synthesizers, Braille embossers, and many more products.

Microsoft. (2009) Technology for Visual Impaired Retrieved on May 30, 2009 from



Literacy for independent Living

In the assistive technology section of the LIL resource guide helps one to explore the online resources that are useful to people with disabilies. These tools can be used to increase one’s capacities.

(2009). Independent Living Aids, LLC. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from



Freedom Scientific

This company provides a website that is based on providing the best guides and technology for those with visual impairments as well as other disabilities. They provide support, training, and other products.

(2009). Freedom Scientific. Retrieved May 30, 2009, from http://www.freedomscientific.com/

Assitech Special needs

This is a website entirely designed to be one-stop shop in providing the mobility and products for visual impairments. The company is a part of the National Association for the Deaf, so their mission is to provide professional products for schools etc.

Assitech Special Needs (2008). Retrieved on May 30, 2009, from




This is a guide to materials for visual impairments. Technology is provided as well as other guide to teachers, parents, and others finding information for people with disabilities.

Demos (2008) Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness Retrieved on May 30, 2009, from http://jarmin.com/demos/resource/rncb/index.html

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