01 June 2009

Visual Impairment Introduction

Visual impairments

Children with visual impairments have unique needs and issues that must be addressed in the educational setting and at home with family and friends. The internet is a valuable tool to access needed information and resources for children and adults with visual impairments. Several of those resources are listed as well as books and assistive technology devices designed to aid in communication and daily living skills.

Parents can find updated information, article, and technology available on sites such as the American Foundation for the Blind. Other sites like “Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths & Adults” provide information about intensive rehabilitation programs from children with visual impairments. While many web sites offer information, services, and up to date articles regarding visual impairments, many others also offer support groups for families of children with visual impairments. One of those listed is “National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments.” Educators can also access information in line to assist in educating children with visual impairments. Web sites such as the “Perkins School for the Blind” and “American Foundation for the Blind” provide information, resources, and tools when working with children in the classroom setting.

Information is not only provided for family members and educators, but also for books assistive technology, and first aid and emergency procedures for children with visual impairments. A list of books is provided that help children understand visual impairments and the issues they live with on a daily basis like Beth’s Fella and “A Lucky Pair.” Assistive technology devices listed include screen enlargers, screen readers, Speech recognition systems, Speech synthesizers, and Braille embossers. First aid resources are listed such as “Emergency Preparedness for Blind Children” which provides a two-day seminar for the general public educating them about CPR and other issues unique for children with a visual impairment. Another web site offers advice and suggestions for independent living skills and how to adjust to living on your own for the person with a visual impairment. Safety concerns are addressed as well as useful tips and strategies. The web sites provided are just a sample of what is available on the internet for anybody seeking information about visual impairments. 

This is a YouTube video that illustrates what life may be like for someone who has Visual Impairment. 

The next video shows a student who has been able to find personal and academic success by not being hindered by her disability. 

Enjoy the resources below to help those you may work with be able to overcome their disabilities. 

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